Facts About The Union

BY:Molly Emberlynn Lallave

Our Uniforms

Our uniforms are Blue and the rebel slime dogs are gray.

They have two rows of buttons and have a small cap.

Our senior soldiers wore gold shoulder pads and a red belt.

Our reasons for war

The rebels wanted to secede from the union,but we said No!!!

Also they wanted to keep their slaves .

We own factories and they have plantations,so they thought

that it was right to have slaves do all the work

Not to mention that they bombarded Fort Sumter.

Also the reason we didn't let them secede is we believed it was wrong for them to leave.

Major Battles

Our states

The States

Oregon,California,New York,Iowa,Ohio,Utah,Michigan,New Hampshire,Pennsylvania,Kansas,Maine,Minnesota,Illinois,Indiana,Vermont,Massachusetts,Rhode Island,Connecticut,West Virginia,Maryland,Delaware,New Jersey,and Nevada.

How we were affected

Our economy was helped by the war.

We had a railroad leap as we made railroads with the help of the government.

And this all lead to our big westward extension.

Also a much better transport grid for the economy of the north.

Our 3 leaders

We had 3 brave leaders named Ulysses S. Grant he lead us through battle ,General William Sherman he was the general of the union army,and Abraham Lincoln was the union's president.Their great leadership won the endless CIVIL WAR!!!! And so, I given thanks to them to this day.


BULL RUN the place that started it all!!!!!!

We all thought that's where it all would end ,

but we were wrong! IT actually keeped the war going until we stopped it.