Axio Biosolutions Private Limited

Axiostat : Emergency Haemostatic Dressing

Axio Biosolutions is a leading provider of wound dressing products used in many medical applications. The company is renowned for a wide variety of dressing care products used by the military, dentists and first aid responders in emergency conditions to prevent excessive bleeding. Through extensive research, the firm has developed a number of products to be used to control heavy and moderate bleeding.

The company was founded in 2008 by Leo Mavely, a Bioengineer. His vision was to develop biopolymer-based products to be used in wound care. Since wounds cause pain, suffering and death, the firm’s main aim is to alleviate this suffering using innovative technology. The company slogan is to Stop bleeding, Save lives. Their vision is to develop affordable, high impact medical products that can solve unmet health care needs of emerging markets. Due to their innovative solutions and dedicated services, the company has won many accolades that range from the best start-up company to the most innovative firm in the field of wound care.

The company is a front runner in developing wound dressing products. Axio is the first company to design, develop and commercialize emergency hemostat for trauma care. Their wound care products are customized for emergency, military, vascular and dental applications. Advanced research has resulted in the development of Axio clotting technology (A.C.T) that stops haemorrhage within minutes after application on wound site. Axiostat® uses chitosan, derived from shellfish, to prevent severe bleeding immediately and to dress wounds. Axiostat® is a must-have in first aid kits, ambulances, hospitals, police and military vehicles as well as automobiles.

Axiostat Military

This product is specially designed for military applications, has a camouflaged packaging and is stored in a rugged metal pouch which is easy to carry. Axiostat® Military prevents traumatic external bleeding within a few minutes and this stops further trauma & eminent death. The product is sterile, efficient, easy to use, safe and affordable. The product is able to control bleeding during fights, gunshot wounds, punctures and stab wounds, pediatric bleeding, bleeding in patients with blood disorders, scalp and limb cuts, accidental falls as well as bleeding arteries and veins.

Axiostat Vascular

During cardio-vascular procedures, some patients experience excessive bleeding. Cardiac patients are at high risk of heavy bleeding due to blood thinners administered before medical procedures. Axiostat® vascular controls this type of bleeding within a few minutes as compared to traditional techniques that take up to 30 minutes. The V55 variant is specially developed as Axiostat® Vascular for stopping heavy volume of blood loss during interventional vascular procedures.

Axiostat Dental

Patients often experience heavy bleeding during dental procedures such as tooth extractions. This is uncomfortable for the patients in addition to the fact that lot of blood is lost. Axiostat® dental variant is specially designed to control and manage bleeding during teeth extraction. The product is small and customized to fit in small gum areas. The product is effective on mucosal tissue wounds, is fast in controlling bleeding, active on all sides, protects the gum from infections and easy to remove.

Axio Clotting Technology

Axiostat® was developed using the Axio Clotting Technology. This technology works on the principle of charge differences through innovative process, Axiostat has been made into a highly positively-charged dressing. This reacts with negatively charged blood components and creates a quick seal at the wound site.


Axiostat® is made of CHITOSAN dressing that is derived from shellfish. This linear polysaccharide is used for a wide variety of applications in medicine for advanced wound care, as scaffold material and for non-parenteral drug delivery.