and The Digestive System

Homeostasis Facts

Homeostasis is a concept that is constantly used in Life Science. Homeostasis is the act of the body trying to maintain balance. When Homeostasis is successful, life can continue. If homeostasis fails, then it is more than likely that the body will die. The body responds to its environment which is called Stimulus. For example, when somebody screams in somebody's else's ear, they will jump due to the sudden noise.

Another example is if the temperature drops then the body will respond to the environment and try to maintain Homeostasis by shivering to increase the body temperature. The body responds with a similar process if the Blood glucose level, pH level in the blood, and the osmotic pressure are changed.

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Interactions with the Digestive System

Our Diets!

Let me just start out by saying, the American diet is absolutely atrocious. According to NPR's food blog, "The Salt," the average American consumes a total of 31 pounds of cheeseburgers every year! Even though there isn't an exact weight comparison to other countries, the U.S has a particularly high consumption rate of fats, which exceeds most of the places in the world.

That being said, this diet can affect Homeostasis which can also affect our health. Let's say that I were to go to Burger king and eat a Big King with Large Fries and coke. Those types of foods are mostly empty calories which does not supply the nutrition our body needs. I know after I eat junk food I feel really sleepy and go lay down and take a nap.

When sleeping, the body preserves calories and turns into fat. The next day when I weigh myself on the scale I could gain up to 3 pounds.

When we look back at how many pounds of cheeseburgers Americans are eating, they can gain up to 100 pounds in just one year.

When these sorts of foods are consumed often it can lead to an even bigger problem called Type 2 Diabetes. This is when the body can no longer maintain Homeostasis with the insulin and blood sugar levels. Diabetic people are not able to consume anything very sweet since it can make their blood sugar levels soar. With the availability of junk food to kids today, the number of kids with type 2 diabetes has increased. While eating empty calories definitely tastes good, it doesn't give the body the nutrients it needs to produce energy.

When there is no energy, there is no Homeostasis, without Homeostasis, you make yourself vulnerable to disease but, if we all exercise and keep healthy diets you are guaranteed to live a longer and happier life.


- Babak Boroujerdi (My Dad)

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