Cinderella Reading Contract

Complete all of the activities by Friday!

Compare and Contrast Across Cultures

Grab a partner and a copy of Compare and Contrast Across Cultures (in the green basket on the back counter). Read the two tall tales and complete the venn diagram. Turn it into the reading tray when you are finished.

Word Work

Complete this vocabulary activity independently. The vocabulary words can be found in each of the Cinderella Stories we will be reading this week.

Characterization Feeling Words Activity

Choose a character from one of the Cinderella Stories we have read so far. Complete this activity. Write the character you choose in the middle circle. Then, fill out each box with how the character is feeling and evidence from the text that proves why they are feeling that way.

Look at the example below:

Cinderella was upset because her stepsisters made her do all of the chores.

Compare and Contrast Literature Lesson

Go to this link and listen to the lesson. When you are done with the lesson, read the two passages and complete the practice questions.

Fiction Review Task Cards

Complete the Fiction Comprehension Task Cards with a partner. Each of you must fill out a Fiction Comprehension Task Cards sheet (they are located on the back counter in the green basket).