By Yeseul Jun


When North America was found, many European countries wanted land and riches for themselves, but while doing so they ran along many obstacles. The first one was the lack of tools to help them navigate. During that time, they didn't have gps ,so it was a lot harder to find your way around than it is now. A that time they had to use maps or compasses to find their way through. But many of their maps were drawn in person and most time, wrong. The lack of navigational tools made it difficult to guide them through. They're a few tools that helped them such as the compass or the cross staff. Most of the time they used their surroundings to guide them through. Ex: birds, clouds, fish, and winds.

Another obstacle they ran into was the lack of food supplies. Many people died during the trip do to this cause. At times when food ran they would have to eat rats or sawdust. It didn't help them when storms blew them off course for weeks or months. Causing them to stay on the boat with little food.

This obstacle was caused by the lack of food, it was starvation and disease. Because of the lack of nutrients from fruits or vegetables, they easily became sick. Also, they're water supplies weren't exactly the best. With this happening many people died on their voyage to the new world.

During that time they had just discovered North America. They hadn't even known that a whole new continent existed on the other side of the planet. When they were going to travel across an enormous ocean which had who knows what in it, it frightened them. They believed mystical creatures lurked under the deep sea waiting to eat them alive. They feared endlessly, that a ferocious storms would wreck their boats. For months and months they sat on their cramped boat fearing the unknown and what would happen to them. Doubt filled their heart as they set sail to the new world and what it held for them.


Even thought they went through rough times and hardships they did achieve many goals. One of their achievements were the exchange of goods and ideas. The English man often traded American Indians, guns, cloth, and weapons for furs, deer hide, and a lot more. Soon the Indians gave up they're way of hunting and such, because of all the new weapons and stuff, and leaned on the European trades for survival. They also traded ideas such as survival skills or ways to crow crops. Sadly one of the things that often were traded were slaves. The Indian tribe would bring captured Indians from a war and bargain with the English man. Slavery soon became popular and many Indians were used for this terrible cause. You were probably thinking that most enslaved people were Africans ,but that is incorrect. In fact at one point, one-fourth of the slaves were Indian women, men, and children. Thankfully this ended, but at that time it had caused an major effect on the Native Americans and their way of living.

Reasons for exploration

When the kings in Europe heard that there was a new land piece that had been discovered, they all wanted land for themselves. A great opportunity had arose to expand their empire and culture. They all sent explorers to discover this place and when this happened, a strong competition arose for land and riches. They believed that there would be many riches in this place, which would benefit their economy greatly. Riches and land weren't the only reason for exploration. They also wanted to spread Christianity. At that time that was a major religion and they took it quite seriously. When they arrived to America they thought that the Indians' beliefs were wrong. They forced the Indians to convert their religion to Christianity. Banning any of their religious items and statues.