Need a Tutor?

Do you need a tutor for your child that is in K-2?

Need Homework/School help?

Is your child in K, 1st or 2nd, and needs a little help in school? Well, your in luck, because I am here to help. I work with K-2, Math, Language arts, and/or Science. We can work in a house, or meet up in a library.

Additional info

No need to worry, all your child needs to bring is a pencil and eraser, just in case. (All supplies are provided.) You can choose if you want your child to be given homework. If so, he/she, will have to come with their finished homework every time we meet.

Pricing, and Time

The price is simple, and fair, only $5 an hour. (I will be accepting cash, or check.)

We can arrange what time is best for you, then see if I'm available then.

Feel free to contact me any time, for question, etc.