Week 4 - Feedback

Reminder: This course has 3.5 weeks to go!


Last week, we focused on the first fifth of our paper - the introduction.

The introduction serves several purposes:
- Introduces the reader to the writer.
- Provides information about what the paper is about
- Ends in a thesis.

The thesis, typically a single sentence at the very * end * of the introduction states three items.

A good way to think about it is like a math problem.
1 + 1+ 1 = 3

Topic + reasons + why = thesis.

If any of these items are missing, the problem is incomplete.
--- If you think they are or the the thesis might change during the writing process, that's -- okay. - Rather, it's natural. The more a writer writes, the more developed the paper becomes.

Increased development may equal better topics - so the thesis can change -- Just as long as the topics in the thesis matches the topics in the body of the paper.

Since this is the first section of the paper, there'll be time to improve and add as we go along - so don't worry if it's not perfect starting off. It has the potential to become better the more we go into the rest of the paper.

Next Writing Step - Paragraphs

Last week, we developed a thesis and have an idea what the body paper (topics in the thesis) should be about.

This week, we push forward and start to write the body paragraphs.

Key items to keep in mind:
-- The paragraphs for this paper should be specific and detailed.
-- To keep on target, limit the paragraphs between 5 and 7 sentences
-- This paper is about - you. - So, do ** not ** address the reader.
Passages like "You should.." doesn't mean anything when the paper is about why you are earning a degree.

-- Smartthinking can - really help - with editing and proof reading. Use the free tutoring service often!

Paragraphs are structured in a specific way, just like the way a thesis statement is structured.
--->> Please see the graph and watch the video for examples.

Assignments -- Due by Saturday

This week's activities include:

W4: Body Paragraph
W4: Quiz
W4: Reflection
How to write a basic paragraph
5 tips to improve your writing