Pioneer's Open House!

By:Forest G.

Earthquake PBL Project

Driving Question: How can we as structual engineers construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?

30 Hands Project

-I learned from the project how climate change and global warming are occurring, because of some human and natural actions.
-I enjoyed having creativity to do picollages on every question and than record myself off of the script I had written.

Invention Convention

-The environmental problem that my team is working to solve are forest fires. We are trying to innovate the smoke detecting sprinkler so that it will be used in trees. The large forest fires were started from small fires. If taken care of fast it is not very strong.

-Our innovation will stop fires by having a pump powered by solar send water out of the hole in our sprinkler to extinguish the fire. Fires are very dangerous toward the community as they may spread to buildings and houses. This is why my innovation could be so useful.