By shanker


The KFC corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is the first fast food restaurant in the world. It all started 70 years ago when when one cook created the best fried chicken in the world. He used 11 secret spices and herbs; his name is obviously Colonel Harend Sanders. There are over 18,000 KFC outlets in 115 countries around the world.


Colonel Harland Sanders, father passed away at the age of 40, Sanders was the oldest of his siblings and took care of the house whilst his mother was away. During that time he learned how to cook by himself. Soon after that sanders opened a restaurant next to a gas station which was extremely successful and that moment sanders thought to expand his company to the rest of the world. One of Cononels friends Hartman made the slogan "it's finger lickin' good" which eventually came the company wide slogan.In 1957 Hartman also introduced the bucket meal which has become an iconic feature of the company.


Since Kentucky fried chicken has been around for over 70 years they have been doing something right and at the same process raking loads of money$$$. It is estimated that each franchise is earning at least 100,000 USD a year and since there are 18,000 franchises KFC should be making 1,800,000,000 but KFC only take 10%of that so $180,000,000.

Colonel Sandres

Colonel Sanders is the creator and the iconic face of KFC his face distinctive face is displayed on every box/bucket of KFC. I believe that he has made KFC more successful than just making money because whenever i think of KFC I dont just mainly think of the the chicken but also Colonel. I dont think that any other company has put a face in front of it as well as KFC. I also believe that Cononels face was the most major part of KFC's success after of course the chicken.