M-STEP Updates

Special Update for Science and Social Studies Teachers

Online Test Items Now Available for Science and Social Studies

There are now M-Step test items for Science and Social Studies in the Online Tools Training site. There are 4-5 questions for each subject. Some teachers have also had students access the elementary level questions for practice. Although Chromebooks are ideal for test prep since they will be used during the actual testing, students can also access the site from desktop computers.

Reading Online

Another experience that our students need to prepare for online assessments is reading texts online. The sites linked below feature articles on various subjects at varied reading levels. If you have questions or want assistance setting up readings, quizzes and other activities for your students contact Tanya Hubbard.

M-STEP Sci and SS Test Schedule

Social Studies 8th (PAI) April 23rd

Social Studies 8th April 27th

Science 7th May 11th

Online Test Tools Video

Tanya Hubbard

Instructional Technology Coach

Pierce Middle School and Thurston High School

South Redford School District