Second Grade Writer's Workshop

Read Like a Writer

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Possessive Nouns

Notice the possessive noun in the sentence. How is it punctuated.

Grammar skill - Apostrophes used in possesives

Students will notice possessives in the mentor text.

Students will apply the skill in their own writing during writer's workshop.


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Mentor Text for Ideas

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Let's see how one author does it.

The Dot

I do. We do. You do.

Read aloud a mentor text - Mini-lesson - Notice how the author uses apostrophes in possessives.

Model - This is how I could write like that.

Guided practice - What do you think?

Independent practice - Can you write like that?

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Will you help me get started with my book?

Mrs. Berry's Dot


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We will visit about your book next time during writer's workshop.

Wonderopolis is Wonderful!

Want more info about roller coasters? Do you wonder how roller coasters work?

Time for Revision

Authors always read what they wrote to decide if they can make it better. Making it better is revision.

Do you need to change anything in your book to make it better?

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Editing Comes Next

Author's make sure that they have capital letters and punctuation done correctly. Editing is when we clean it up to be sure it looks right.

What have you learned about capital letters that you should remember when writing?

Check your book to be sure you have capital letters where they should be.

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What have you learned about punctuation?

Check you book to be sure you have capital letters where they should be.


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Authors usually write their books for readers. Is your book ready to share?

Let the kids animate their drawings to retell a story.