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December 14, 2015 - The Team Edition

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Thank Yous Go Out To...

Support staff for mobilizing so quickly to cover the entrances last Wednesday. Some didn't end up getting their full lunch time, but were willing to step in where needed in the moment. Thanks for being such great team players!

Lexi for simply noticing the HUB was extra busy one day and staying to help - even though it was her prep time. Thanks for being a great team player, Lexi!

Marlene for organizing the Cheese Event, even to the point of taking pictures of kids and families with milk mustaches during the portfolio walks. And, thank you teachers for implementing Marlene's plans in your classrooms, and Sylvie for translating the recording page.

Antoinelle for keeping our front entrance seasonal and happy-looking. Thanks for the many quiet ways you contribute to the team.

Karen for planning and prepping for our concert nights, and teachers for rehearsing their students and helping with behaviour management during practices. What a super team!!

The Grade Three teachers for teaching their students about global organizations that help the world and running a cool and curriculum-related fundraiser at this busy time of year. The Grade Threes are a strong team within the JS team!

Sylvie, Natasha, and Barb V for just taking it upon themselves to invite the staff to socialize and for bringing so many of us together for a tasty and fun night out. Thanks for arranging this night out for colleagues!

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Thank you, team...

So I'm at home with the flu, which has given me some 'down time' and provided quiet time for thinking and reflecting. I've been reflecting mostly on how impressive the JS staff members are and how much I admire and respect my colleagues at work.

I am in the privileged position of seeing a great deal of what is going on in and around the school and classrooms. I see these things by walking through the halls and going into rooms at random times, but I also see them through monthly, daily, and yearly communications to/with parents; FreshGrade entries; performances; one-on-one meetings; portfolio binder walkthroughs; office and HUB interactions; and when staff members directly text me cool things their students are doing.

I am so often touched, overwhelmed, elated, surprised, proud, joyful, impressed, and, certainly, humbled by what I see and hear throughout each day. In the face of all kinds of adversity and challenge from several different directions, teachers and support staff members push forward for the sake of the students and because of your commitment to what you do. But, mostly, because of who you are...

I am grateful for the JS staff members. I'm grateful for who you are as people and I'm thankful for what you bring to work every day - your energy, your dedication, your senses of humour, your plans, your cool ideas, your work ethic, your standards, your forgiveness, your love, your compassion, your playfulness, your talents, your expertise, your collegiality, your patience. Your beautiful selves.

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EJSMS Facebook Page

This FB page is for school staff members to use for professional and personal purposes. For example, to share ideas, make commentary, start discussions, share links, advertise events, sell items, etc. It is closed, so the public can't see what is posted, and people can only join by request.

Staff members who have FB pages may want to participate as a way to use social media for staying connected with each other, collaborating, socializing, and advertising, since we see so little of each other and have so few opportunities to interact directly at work! (And since our previous Items for Sale and Social folders are gone.) :-0

I went through my Facebook friends and sent out invitations to any JSers I came across. You've been invited, but you don't have to accept. As well, if you weren't already invited but want to join, just click on the option on the FB page. Hope to see you there!

Ecole James S. McCormick Staff

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Morning HUB

Just a reminder that students who are attending morning HUB to eat breakfast need permission from their parents or guardians. The parents need to be fully aware that their child is coming to the HUB to eat food. Sometimes a conversation with the parent letting them know their child is asking to go to morning hub, is enough for them to start eating breakfast at home. There are some specific situations where we know Kim or administration is involved and a conversation doesn't need to take place. Thanks for communicating with the parents with this sometimes sensitive topic.
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January Collaborative Day

The plan for the day is not written in stone yet, as it depends on a few things falling into place. We are hoping to have two half day sessions, but we can't say which half will be which session.

Currently, we are planning for a half day session with Lana Nogue and maybe Lorna Hewson. These two members of the ILS team will facilitate a session with both the teachers and support staff. The session will be designed to increase understanding as to the roles and responsibilities of teachers and EAs and to promote clear communication between them. After the combined session, the plan is to separate the two groups, at which time 1) teachers will continue to work on planning for special needs students and communicating with EAs through planning, and 2) EAs will learn more about the evaluation process Wolf Creek is instituting this year.

If there is a topic or any other pd the support staff would like to have that day, I need to know asap, so I can make arrangements. Otherwise, EAs will not have to attend for the other half of the day.

There will also be a half day session for teachers, however. Marica (and potentially other members of the LS team) will facilitate a session on literacy beliefs.

Fountas and Pinnell Training:

If you have not been trained or would like additional training, please speak with me about the folloing session that will be offered by Learning Services at the Upper Elementary.

This session will be offered on Thursday, January 21st from 4:15-7:00 pm and then from 10:00am- 2:00 pm on Friday, January 22nd.

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Things to do to prepare rooms for the break please...

  • check lockers and desks for food
  • make sure shoes are in lockers or on the shelves above classroom coat hooks
  • stack chairs in the classroom

Note: The gym is being waxed over the break, so no one will be able to go in it.

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