Prep 2 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore, 5th June 2015

3, 2, 1, Blast off!!

We celebrated our entry point this week with a big BANG! The children made rockets and launched them into space! It was definitely a technically challenging activity but the children used their perseverance and resilience to create excellent rockets. Well done!

Thank you to all the parents for providing the necessary resources to make the rockets.

To widen our knowledge and understanding of transport, we have been focusing on our History Key learning goal by getting the children to sort different modes of transport into past and present. The children were excited and surprised to see how much transport has changed over time.

As most of us are travelling far and wide this summer, an exciting activity the children could do with you is to explore the different modes of transport in the country to which you may be travelling. . They could directly compare it to how different/similar it is to their host country, Singapore. Ask the children to take pictures and describe what they see. This would make a fantastic show and tell activity.

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We are consolidating our knowledge on addition as we continue with adding number to 20 (and beyond for some children!). We have also been doing many story problems that involve addition and have been introduced to writing an addition equation. ( 3 + 5 =8). This week we have also attempted adding three numbers together.

Please keep practising this at home by asking your child mental math addition stories and for those who are not so good with this concept, keep to adding small numbers ( 1- 5) to a number below 20. To reinforce this, we keep the bigger number in our head and count on. 20+2 (20 in my head, count two on 21, 22).

Language Arts

As the term comes to an end, we have been revising and consolidating all sounds, especially diagraphs and have looked at all the café strategies that we have learned in the past two terms. The children have also been doing many recounts of fun filled exit and entry points along with writing about our fairy tales. We have tried changing the characters in the book or changing the story line a little after reading stories like Goldilocks has Chicken Pox.

Please continue to help nurture our creativity by having these conversations with your child at home after reading stories.

Summer Home Learning

Children will be receiving a home learning pack with activities that you could do over the summer break. These packs reinforce the concepts that we have been working on but do not need to be returned after the summer holidays.

Happy Holidays!


This week we have looked at Perseverance.

Next week, we will be looking at the Virtue of Joyfulness!

It is a peaceful sense of well-being and being thankful for the joy we feel inside. We enjoy our work and play while appreciating the gifts this day holds for us.

  • Joy comes when we find creative ways to enjoy our time
  • Joy comes when we are doing what we know is right
  • Joy comes when we laugh and see humour in things
  • Joy is inner sense that can carry us through the hard times or when we are feeling sad
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Summer dates for the diary

End of Summer Term -Friday 12th June Early Finish at 11.20pm

Your Prep2 Teaching Team

Ms Renuka and Ms Grace

Miss Woon and Ms Alice

Miss Solanki and Ms May Leng

Mrs Joplin and Ms Estee

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