Planet One

The original is always the best! By:Tanner Wood

My Moon

I will only be having one moon.My Moon is .50 times bigger then Earths moon.This means my tides are greater making it so life must live farther away from the shoreline because of the tides.

Planet Statistics

1.Star Type:My star type is a blue main sequence.

2.My planets orbit is 75.2 astronomical units.

3.My planets mass is 5 times greater then earth.

4.My planet has volcanoes.

5.My planet has plate movement.

6.My planet has liquid water.

7.My planet has producers.

Axial Tilt

My axial tilt is 12 degrees. This means my seasons will change pretty slow and each one will last for a good amount of time since my tilt isn't that great.

Planets Mass

My planets mass will be 5 times bigger than Earth.This means that the force of gravity on it will be much stronger then earths.