Lord of the Flies

Utopia Report

What is Utopia?

Utopia is an imaginary place where you believe everything is perfect. This is a place where everything is perfect in your mind and you are care free.

My Utopia

In my mind the perfect place would be a mountain home that overlooks large valleys and lush lands. I would have a modern house that is very beautiful and well taken care of. Also there would be nice spots to visits like waterfalls and trails and even a natural swimming area.

My Utopia Examples

Lord of the Flies

Is Lord of the Flies an Utopia

No, its not a utopia for many reason here are a list of five reasons why it is not a utopia.

  • The children have a constant fear
  • There is always arguments and fighting on the island
  • There is a strong hate between Jack and Piggy
  • There is a fear that they will never get rescued
  • There is not a lot of organization and the children don't listen

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