My Future

by Anjel

Best of Both Worlds

I am Both...

I am not one, but two sides of the brain. Yeah, I know, this sounds a little weird, but let me explain. Four score and Seven years ago, (no not really maybe about 2 weeks ago :)) we did this test that described weather we are either the left side of the brain, which is the more logical, or if you are the right side of the brain, which is the more and I got both of them, 20 and 20. First, let me explain to you what the left brain does. It is the part of the brain that is the logical side, the geeky side, it really helps in math and in English! Then there is the right side of the brain... IT IS WILD AND FREE! It is the most creative side. Believe me, I have a friend that is the most creative and (most definitely) WILD! But, there is a few perks to using both sides of the brain. First it gets you a really awesome grade on your project for using creativity and logic! Also, there is the fact that depending on the moment, you can use both sides of the brain and not have a problem (and don't have to think as hard) with it!

My Personality Type

I have one personality type that you would say is generous and nice and always there for people when they need a shoulder to cry on. The blue people (that is me!) always have the right things when our family is sad or mad or need someone to talk to. Here is some of the things that my friend has said about me, "I think that you definitely are all the things that are listed on the blue section and I think that you always think of others all the time!" AWWWWW, thanks! You are exactly the same! My great lord has given the gift of creativity and imagination! Let me tell you a little secret about getting A's on your projects and even homework... be an Orange just for a little bit! The orange is more of the right side of the brain and it is wild and adventurous! it is pretty cool to be this side of the brain because then you get to adventure through the jungles of all the creativity you have and then you get to adventure the forests of all the rainbows and unicorns in your imagination! Now, let's get this straight, I ain't no nerd, alright?! But, I am pretty intellectual and I always freak out if I get one B on my report card! But, being the left side of the brain is pretty cool! It let's you explore all the smarts in your brain! If you are a greeny, you will understand that being a green doesn't mean to study and be a nerd or a geek, and no, it does not mean that it is boring either! It means that you stand out in math class or that you are super smart and get into really good collages! Okay, so you go here and do this , and you go here and do the opposite of that! We people are all about business and work! We are not only responsible with everything, but always get the job done! Everyday, when we walk into class we are prepared to learn and always have our work done in time! Being Gold, is not all that bad! Sure, you have to be super responsible and you also have to actually do your homework... I think most teachers would agree with me on this one, but you get to find out how responsible you are and not have to worry about procrastinating all the time! So in case you didn't notice... I did all of them because I got a ranking of 11 for all of them!!

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Prezis Everywhere!

Below are the links for the prezi(s) that I did for the jobs that I want to be when I grow up!

Working With Others

When it comes to working in a group, I tend to fill the role of a supporter. This means that I promote the group to do their best and to never give up! Now, this does not mean that I stand on the side lines and just cheer them on! I also get the motivation to do the work myself and always contribute to doing extra work. This corresponds very well with one of my personality types, Blue, because people like me like to encourage others to always do their best and to cheer them up if they are sad or frustrated. Now, enough about me, let's find out what you are by clicking here!

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