Poynter Patriot News

Weekly Staff Bulletin

December 14-18, 2015

Hello Everyone,

This past week we had an ELL parent night for our students with an ELL eligibility. A huge thank you to Roberto, Stephan, Norma, Gabe, and Brenda for putting on this successful night. We had parents asking at the end of the night, when our next meeting would be. They were very excited. Slowly and surely we are making connections with ALL families.

On Tuesday, we had Principals, Assistant Principals from the other Middle Schools, and district office administrators here to look at instructional practice in our math classes. The feedback received was extremely positive and impressive. A huge thank you to our participating teachers: Nate Pruss, Heidi Glaske, Sue Peters, Deanna Blem, Clark Crowell, Dan Odermott. Also, thank you to Tyler South and Cherylen Marshall on leading great discussions on instruction and showing everyone around and explaining our practice here at Poynter.

Now is the time of the year we start to see a rise in colds and the flu. Please take great care of yourself. Drink plenty of fluids, get outside if you can, get plenty of rest. Thank you for all of your hard work.

A big thank you to Kelsi for hosting our holiday party. It was very fun to hang out with everyone and enjoy a little holiday cheer.

Everyone, everyday is what it takes for a school to run smoothly and educate our students.

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On behalf of Katie and myself, we want to wish you a very happy, safe, restful and relaxed holidays. Everyday we are reminded of all the hard work and dedication you put into making Poynter Middle School an extraordinary place. We feel very grateful to work with such awesome folks.

Jon and Katie

General Information for all staff

*No Gum policy. Thank you for your hard work with this new policy. It is working. I have not noticed a few students chewing gum in class. Please keep an eye on that if you can.

*Canned Food Drive is off and running. Please encourage your students to bring in those cans. Nicole emailed everyone to extend it to Thursday. At last count we were at 1256. Stinnett looks like he is leading followed by McIntosh and Pruss. The race is on.

*The next G3 (Poynter's Got Talent) event will be on Tuesday. Beth will be sending out details.

*8th Grade Self-Manager Picnic--will be on on Thursday during Homeroom and 4th. Information to follow this week from Beth.

*Patriot Party on Friday afternoon--Nicole is finalizing this information and will be sending it out to you this week.

Current Week and December At A Glance

Monday-December 14

Gym Week: none



Basketball 3:15-5:00

G3 rehearsal 3:30 in the Cafe

PBIS committee meeting 8:00 a.m.

Tuesday-December 15


G3 Event

Yearbook Club 7:50-8:45

Wildcats/Pilots mtg. 8:00-8:45

Attendance Team Mtg. 11:00

MESA 3:15-5:00

Bike Club 3:30-4:45

Volleball 3:15-5:00

Parent Club 6:30

Wednesday-December 16

Academic Seminar--Teacher (Department)

Classified Meeting in the library 8:00

7:50-8:50 Chess Club

1:30 CARE team

GSA 12:00-1:30 (1st lunch Ceccarelli, 2nd lunch Byrne)

Basketball 3:15-5:00

Thursday-December 17

8th grade self manager picnic, Homeroom/4th

Boxer/Viking Team Meeting 8:00

Bike Club 3:30

Volleyball 3:15-5:00

Friday, December 18

Patriot Party

7:45 Team Leader Meeting

Upcoming Events:

12/21-1/1 Winter Break


Remember Monday is AVID gear, Tuesday is Tie Tuesday, Wednesday is Poynter Gear, Friday is college or Liberty gear.

Thought of the Week

"Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world."

--Ralph Waldo Emerson