Gina's Update

to understand what it is that I do...


Monday (7th) - Tech Plan, District iPad updates

Tuesday (8th) - Tech Plan, District iPad updates

Wednesday (9th) - Off

Thursday (10th) - Tech Plan, District iPad updates, Unpacking Chromebooks, Tech Retreat (PM)

Friday (11th) - Tech Retreat (AM), Unpacking Chromebooks, Teacher device video

Ongoing Projects

Technology Plan update

We are behind in updating the Lakeview Technology Plan. This was going to be part of our District Technology meetings which we have struggled to host. The draft needs to be turned in to CISD in April. This document lays out the vision and plan for purchasing and using technology in the District for the next 5 years. As much as I plan on working on this, ultimately this is a document that cannot be written by one person. I will continue to work on the pieces that I can but will need some dedicated time from Fred and potentially others to complete it.

iPad updates

All district iPads and Mac mini computers need to be upgraded. This is based on a timeline created earlier in the year to update iPads three times a year. There have been some major updates - the biggest being a new operating system for the Mac minis that will hopefully work well with Configurator updates to manage the iPads wirelessly. Currently, we have to physically plug in the iPads to run updates and add apps. To be able to do this wirelessly would help but we still find the management side of the iPads is much higher than other devices.


We are expected to get another shipment of 180 Chromebooks in over Break. We would like them to be in classrooms when teachers return. This is our top priority for work over Break, but hinges on the delivery of the devices. We hope to get them Wednesday.

Tech Retreat

We have bi-weekly meetings and lately they seem to be getting longer. It is very important for us to stay on the same page, so we are dedicating some time over Break to have deeper conversations and planning for moving forward. We will probably be unboxing Chromebooks at the same time but we will have a focus tfor planning and moving ahead.

Teacher device video

In our last bi-weekly meeting, we are still talking about the Teacher device refresh and how we can help educate some teachers so they can make the best choice of device for themselves. We see the need to have informational trainings. The thought is that all device choices will be available and the Pros and Cons of each device will be discussed. If we could do this and video tape it, we think we could have 100% coverage for those with questions. Our survey to the teachers showed that several needed more information.

Exit Plan

I'm looking for information that will help guide my work for the next 3 months. My focus has been to try and put things in place to make the transition as easy as possible for everyone. With that said, I think it's important to include any expectations that you have or see that would be helpful to have completed. Please let me know of specific items.