Careers Project

Computer Engineer

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I believe that this career falls under the Physical branch of science because you do not typically work with lifeforms of geology

Average salary in Wisconsin

Most computer engineers work a standard 40 hour work week. They are expected to work overtime to meet deadlines or complete emergency projects.


Annually $60,300

Per hour $28.99


Annually $86,960

Per hour $41.81


Annually $134,600

Per hour $64.71

High school and after

Helpful high school courses would include Calculus, Computer Programming, Computer Programming, Advanced, Technical Writing, and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra.

Youth Apprenticeship possibility after high school

College career

A bachelor degree is required in required in this career

ITT Technical Institute-Green Bay (first 2 years)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (finish bachelor degree)

Typical course work

* Algorithm Design and Analysis

* Calculus

* Chemistry

* Computer Architecture

* Computer Networks

* Data and File Structure

* Digital Electronics

* Discrete Mathematical Structures

* Electronic Circuits

* Engineering Physics

* English Composition

* Hardware Engineering

* Introduction to Computer Science

* Linear Algebra

* Linear Differential Equations

* Mechanics

* Microcomputer-Based System Design

* Operating System Design

* Senior Design Project

* Software Engineering

* Statistics