Becky 8th Grade Life

Cool and Fun

My Brian

My Brain shows what I like to enjoy or do like being Friendly, a Artistic,and Loving.
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Decision Making

When making decision i tend to follow the Behavior style. People with that decision making style Sociable, friendly, supportive, has talented for building teams and encouraging, and motivated by acceptance bey peers and avoid conflict. Others sometimes perceive me decision making as Too concerned about others, Cant make hard decision, and Cant say no. The best organizational fit for my type of decision making is one that allows for well design, people oriented collegial settings.

My Personality Type

1. Blue

I have a blue personality. that means that I am very concerned with feelings, I am Friendly and team player. When I communicated I express emotion, am mannerly and indirect. it frustrates me when people are negative, mean, and rude.

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