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A weekly round up of all things Web 2.0 & IOS related

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Welcome to the your weekly round up of websites and IOS apps that you might want to try to either enhance your work flow, make you more productive or help you transform some of your Learning & Teaching aspects. The suggested items are there for you to try, play with & disregard if you don't find them useful.

Get your hands on some great free Apps

AppsGoneFree is a free app, found in the apps store. Each day (around 6pm) it notifies you of a range of apps for both the iPad and the iPhone that are being offered for free for a limited period of time. There is always a good range of apps to choose from. You can use the iPhone apps on the iPad but you will have a limited display so try to pick the iPad version when you have a choice! Type of apps can be for productivity, educational or just some fun games that you could use as starters with some imagination. The best thing about it is that if you download the apps and then you don't like them you haven't wasted any money - Remember to let us know if you find some gems that could be shared!

TED Talks

TED talks is a great app that allows you to quickly access the 1000s of inspirational videos covering a whole range of topics. They can be used for your own inspiration but are great to be shared with the students in your lesson. Download this from the Apps store (it's free) and then search for the video of Rita Pierson - every child needs a champion! IT IS TOTALLY INSPIRING! Even if you don't download the app - watch the video!

Thinking of Personalising your iPad

The iPads purchased by the school are all delivered with a Moko Maroo case to keep the iPad in.

If for some reason you would like to replace this case it is perfectly acceptable, but the new case must meet the following requirements in order that the device remains safe and minimises the chance of accidental damage. You should also return the original case the the ICT team for re-assignment.

When choosing a new case you must adhere to the following guidelines or you may be held responsible for the damage to the iPad in the event of an accident.

“In respect of iPads, protection by a suitable protective case that meets the following criteria: a stiff, protective case that is semi-permanently attached to the device and protecting each corner of the iPad, whilst giving unencumbered access to all the ports, and including a screen cover that can be folded over the screen when not in use. This applies at all times including when the iPad is in use.

Unsuitable covers are slip-on/off cases, or cases without a screen cover. Magnetic screen covers are not preferred, due to the limited nature of the protection provided, but are acceptable.”

If you’d prefer more guidance, below are some examples of cases which ARE acceptable for use. These are all readily available to buy online and cover a broad price range.

  • Belkin – Pro Color Duo Tri-Fold Folio with Stand
  • Griffin – IntelliCase
  • Griffin – Survivor Case
  • Incipio – Lexington Folio Case
  • Incipio – Slim Kickstand Folio Case
  • Maroo – Moko Case
  • OtterBox – Defender Series
  • 360 Degree Rotating Case for iPad 2 3 & iPad 4

This list just provides a few examples of what is covered. They can all be found on websites such as Amazon or Ebay.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask for guidance before you make your purchase.

Thanks to @ICTEvangalist for his expertise and poster. The information is adapted from his guidance so don't go looking for Mrs Chambers! Ask Mrs Morgan-Lloyd or the ICT Team

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