Career project

By:Jaden Riley

Future plan

I'm going to live in Chicago in a mansion because i'm the shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls.I will be married to a model,i will drive an all white Bentley and have all the retro Jordan's.


On my personality test it said I was an orange which means that I don't take certain things that serious and I act on a moments notice which in other words means I act before I think.
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On another test I took it said that I am enterprising which means that I like to work with business projects that are starting up.And also like my personality it said that I act before thinking.
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Career choices

•Sales engineer

•Police detective

•Special agent

Out of all of these jobs I chose Sales engineer because I have good people/social skills and I am good with technology also I am a fast learner.


Selected college

The college I chose was Georgia state university because in my opinion that would be the best school to Pursue my selected career.