SWOT Goals


What is a SWOT goal?

A SWOT goal is a goal that helps to analyse the situation. It can enable us to find out the most appropriate goal.

S = Strengths

W = Weaknesses

O = Opportunities

T = Threats


1. I am able to manage my time well so that I get all my assignments and homework finished by the due date

2. I am organised which helps to plan out my work and try to finish it before the due date


1. I procrastinate which is a weakness as it means that I won’t get much of my work done

2. I waste a lot of my time by overthinking as I am scared to get something wrong


1. I do debating as an extra curricula r activity – this helps with my writing, public speaking and teamwork skills

2. I play tennis which helps with my mental skills as I have to think about my opposition’s weakness and where to hit the ball


1. I have out of school activities every day of the week so it is a bit hard to fit in homework as well

2. Although I manage my time, I get distracted easily, by friends or the internet when doing school or homework

What I plan to do to maximise my learning potential based on my SWOT analysis:

To maximise my learning, I plan to leave more time for homework as I get distracted easily. Even if I get distracted, I will have more time to do my homework. This will be good as I won’t have to rush the day before. I will also tell myself that if I finish my work earlier, I will have more time later to do whatever I want.