Unfortunates and fortunates

There are the fortunate and the unfortunates which are the parents to the children that go to school. The fortunate have good looking clothing and have more money to make there kid have good looking clothing also. The fortunate parents have enough money to have children and take care of the by giving them food and clothing. The unfortunates have money but not enough to have more than one child and be able to take care of them. Fortunate have great jobs like school teacher or doctor or a trainer for sports. The unfortunate have no jobs to help get clothing, food or anything else for the family. The children of the fortunate parents are bossy and not very kind to the kids that don’t have very much love and money in their family.


The children you have parents who have money to feed them and buy them clothes for them don’t really care what their parents have to do to get that money. They just care about and ask questions like “can have this Barbie “or “can I get this cool truck?’’ but the kids with the parents that don’t have much money or no money they are very thankful for what they have and worry about eating and being thankful for what they have and what they get from their parents and how they spend their money.