Dine & Dialogue Series

Women's History Month & Gender Issues

Dine & Dialogue Series

Have you ever wondered about the beliefs and values of others? What truly defines a person's identity? The opinions of issues other than your own? Come and join the Diversity Programmers at the Dine and Dialogue Series! This session acknowledges Women's History Month and deals with gender issues. At this session, we will be answering questions such as: "How have gender roles impacted your life?"and "Do you think women are underrepresented in any aspects of modern American life?" For this specific dialogue session, our very own UW Bothell faculty, Dr. Kari Lerum and Sam Al-Khoury will be leading the discussion. Remember, that not only will we be providing great dialogue but free dinner as well!

The purpose of these series is to provide safe spaces for dialogue about topics regarding the intersections of identity. By the end of the session, participants will come out feeling more culturally enriched and self-aware than they were before through the use of storytelling. Participants will share their own personal stories, beliefs, and values. As a result, attendees will:

  • Compare and contrast cultural differences and similarities
  • Appreciate individual differences and universal similarities
  • Value individual differences
  • Acknowledge that others have a perspective on issues other than their own

For any questions or concerns, please contact Sha'terika Perkins (SPerkins@uwb.edu) or Chelsea Lubong (CMLubong@uwb.edu)

Dine & Dialogue Series- Women's History Month & Gender Issues

Thursday, March 14th, 4-6pm

18115 Campus Way Northeast

Bothell, WA

This event will be held in room LBA-003. Hope to see you all there!

“The University of Washington is committed to providing equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. To request disability accommodations, please contact Disability Support Services at least ten days prior to the event at 425.352.5307, TDD 425.352.5303, FAX 425.352.5455, or email dss@uwb.edu.”