Strength Of Will

Toby McGuire

Definition of strength of will

"The Orphan Train Rider" By Andrea Warren is about a boy named Lee and his brother Leo being sent to an orphanage by their father. The orphanage got too overflown with orphans so they started getting on orphan trains. The whole book Lee and Leo were dealing with adversity but had the strength of will to keep going and not give up. Strength of will means determination, not giving up.

The Smallest Dragon Boy

The story “The Smallest Dragonboy” by Anne McCaffrey is about two boys names Keevan and Beterli. The book takes place on Keevans first impression day and he is being teased by Beterli for being short. Beterli and Keevan are very different. Keevan is a nice person and respects others while Beterli bosses people around and when he “claimed” an egg he was silently “daring everyone to come near it”. Bentelli is also very self-centered, he walked “up officially to ‘his’ egg” even though he did not own any of the eggs. Even though Bentelli has been teasing and hurting Keevan, mentally and physically, Keevan still made it to the impression and got a dragon.


In the book “Departure” by A.G Riddle, Nick Stone has to try and lead the survivors of a plane crash to try and find out where they are. After it crashed Nick quickly made teams to help save people on the plane. Then, they found a doctor on the plane who helped treat their hypothermia. A while later people started rapidly aging and they lost almost all of the survivors. Eventually, they found out how to get home and saved many lives in the process. Nick lead some survivors to survival even with all of the adversities they faced.

Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis which resulted with her legs having to be amputated. She was a 19 year old snowboarder with a lot of talent but when she lost her legs she thought her life was over. This was a big problem in her life. When she got her prosthetic legs ,she hated them and fell asleep every night not knowing what to do next. Eventually she got her confidence back when she started snowboarding again. Her legs were not comfortable in the snowboard so she asked someone to make her a special pair. When her new legs were made, she realized the possibilities that she can have with prosthetic legs that she did not have with normal legs. For example, she could change her height every day and fit into any size shoe she can find! She also won a couple of awards in snowboarding! Since Amy did not give up and had a strong will, she went on to be very successful.

Catching Kayla

Kayla Montgomery was 15 when she was diagnosed with MS. MS is a disease where your own immune system is eating at your nerves and making you lose feeling. This crushed her spirit to hear but kept running. The disease made her want to try harder and go for better records.The MS made it so when she was running her legs went numb and she could not stop, so it was a struggle to get a steady pace. Although her coach had to catch her after every race, that also didn't stop her from running.On the last meet of her season, she beat everyone else in the rase and her own personal best which is now 17 minutes for a 5k! Despite the adversity of MS, Kayla was able to accomplish her goals.

Song about strength of will / perseverance

I Will Persevere - Tommy Leinonen