Greek Revolution

By: Anya and Kassity

Where and when did it happen?

  • It was between February 22, 1821 and September 12, 1829.
  • It took place in Greece, Balkans, Aegean Sea, and Morea.
  • It was 8 years, 6 months ,and 3 weeks.
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What Caused It?

  • Greeks wanted Independence
  • Was between Greeks and Ottoman Empire
  • March 17, 1821 The Maniots declared war on the Ottomans
  • The rebellion originated in the activities of the Philiki Etaireia, a patriotic conspiracy founded in the Odessa, current day Ukraine, in 1814

Who Was Involved?

  • Ottoman Empire Leaders and Commanders: Sultan Mahmud ll , Omer Virion, Mahmud Dramali, Hursid Pasha, Husrev Pasha , and Resid Mehmed.
  • Eyalet of Egypt Leaders and Commanders: Muhammad Ali, and Ibrahim Pasha
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Lasting Effects

  • Athens was recognized at the capital of Greece
  • Greece gained independence
  • Had many of the other countries in Europe side with them in war
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