No Place For Hate

"The Breadwinner" and "because of mr. terupt"

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"Love what you have and don't wish for for more"

Cydnee Burgess (5th grade student)

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Literature Study - Tolerance

This project is a literature study with an overarching theme of teaching tolerance. Sixty 5th graders participated in this Language Arts literature study during the 2014-2015 school year. Two texts, because of mr. terupt by Rob Buyea and The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis, were the focus of the project.

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"The Breadwinner": Graffiti Wall Book Reports

Children were asked to draw a graffiti wall detailing clothes, weapons, environment, soldiers, foods, jobs, etc from The Breadwinner.

Make sure the wall depicts events from the novel. The graffiti wall must contain 7 pictures and a caption that explains the picture.

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"People are always good, but it is the environment that they are put in that changes them."

5th grade student

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Create a soundtrack!!

Children were asked to make a soundtrack to a modern film version of The Breadwinner. The soundtrack includes 4 songs and 1 paragraph that explains why each song is appropriate to the novel. Please click on the links below to see student examples.
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Learning Objectives

This is an important project for students as it nurtures the development of many important character values and qualities. Youth often only see things in their personal surroundings from their own perspectives. Learning to see things from others’ viewpoints is crucial to their development of empathy and acceptance ,as well as ,their responsibilities and roles as good, moral citizens. Learning about students (who share similarities and display differences) in our country and other countries and who lead very different (and often less privileged lives) helps to broaden their understandings and perspectives and foster a spirit of gratitude. In a world where students are so connected with social media, yet so disconnected due to the lack of face-to-face human interaction, expanding their knowledge and experience in this way can only enhance their moral growth and development. The goal of education today is to prepare students to successfully thrive in a global society. This unit and culminating project support both academic and socials goals.

Assignment - Postcard to Father - "The Breadwinner"

Dear Father,

When will you be home. We’re all scared. Yesterday we tried to get you out, but the taliban beat us. Nooria didn’t come but she did take care of Ali, and Maryam. Many things are broken. The taliban destroyed everything.

It’s hard to go to sleep at night. I feel as though it is too quiet. There is no snoring in our room. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I try to remember your snore. It helps me go to sleep.

Today mom told us a new story. It was about a brave man, whose government didn’t like him. The government took him to prison, but his family broke him out, and they ran to england. I wish that could really happen. Personally, I am sick of those burqas.


What is prison like? Do they feed you. Are there beds there? What do you do all day?

Please reply.

Your little Malali,


Postcard to Father assignment -

Why this lesson important: Students have a hard time at this age seeing events and issues from other individuals’ perspectives and I feel that this skill is essential when it comes to fully understanding real world problems.

ELACC5RL6: Describe how a narrator’s or speaker’s point of view influences how events are described.

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