Working Conditions

Working conditions during the I.R were horrible!

Long hours!

In the factories and mines, workers worked very long hours. Between 1790-1840 workers worked 12 to 16 hour days and worked 6 to 7 days a week. The workers were not allowed a break unless the factory owner allowed it.
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Horrible Air Quality

While working in the coal mines the coal dust would damage the workers lungs. It would eventually kill workers after the long hours they work. It would also get the workers completly filthy, and turn them black. Also in the textile mills the dust damaged the lungs too.

Hazards of Factory Work

While working the long hours of the factory workers often got very tired. That means that they would have a lack of concentration and get a finder or two chopped off. Workers usually got minor cuts, abrasions,and burns.

How the Factory Work Got Better

Eventually factories got safer with better machinery. Also a Factory Acts law was passed in the 1800's that let children work shorter. That then let them not be as tired and wouldn't get hurt due to lack of attention.