Boze's Bulletin

Mr. Bozeday's Class: Week of 10/5 - 10/9

Welcome to the Newsletter!

You are looking at the brand new newsletter from room 203! Expect this new fancy newsletter to come out frequently with updates about what we are learning in the classroom and important dates to remember. Usually, the newsletter will go out Fridays, but I am sending this newsletter home today because I wanted to make you aware of a new behavior system we are implementing in the classroom. It's a computer-based point system called "Class Dojo", and it is a quantitative way of keeping track of various behaviors, both positive and negative, during the day. Through this program students record their accomplishments and missteps, and through this record-keeping gain ownership over their actions. Oh, there's also a fun little avatar they get to update as they earn points, too.

Class Dojo is great because, first, many students used it last year and really enjoyed the experience. And, second, the program offers frequent communication home about your child's behavior while they are at school. There is a Class Dojo sheet coming home today (Thursday the 8th) that you can look over. You can access our class by typing in the parent account code to the Class Dojo website. The other half of the sheet gets signed and brought back to school as a means of indication to me that you have seen the sheet and have the log in information for your own records. So take a look, sign in, and let the Dojo experience begin!

Sign up by clicking here, and / or downloading the Class Dojo app on your phone!

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Reading - Spotlight on Nellie Bly

You can tell a lot from someone's actions! This week, by reading about the famous Nellie Bly, our students are analyzing how to tell a character's motives by looking at their actions. Nellie Bly is the news reporter, from the late 1800's, who became the first female to travel around the world without a chaperone. And she did it in under 80 days!

(Nellie Bly, Pictured)

Social Studies - What is a Cooper?

And why were barrels so important to colonists in the 1600's?

These excellent (and seemingly random) questions go together, and both revolve around what life was like for early English colonists. Settling in the area that is now Massachusetts, Puritans sought a life in what was called the "New World" where they could practice their religion and live their lives how they wanted.

Language Arts - Beware!! Of Haunted Metaphors

In Language Arts we have been learning the art of writing metaphors and how metaphors are an important embellishment to writing. Metaphors make writing more interesting to read by adding finesse and depth. The metaphors we are writing take a spooky noun or idea and relate it to something more ordinary.

Grammar Corner!

Check out the sentence below:

Milla scooped out pumpkin seeds.

It looks simple, I know. But hidden within that sentence is a proper noun, action verb, and direct object. Can your student identify those from that sentence? Also: can your student classify the noun "seeds" in all three ways?????

Important Dates

  • 10/7 - 10/13: Turn in and Camp Duncan forms
  • Monday 10/19: Leave for Camp Duncan
  • Wednesday 10/21 at about 2:30pm: Return from Camp Duncan
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