How to succeed in School

By: Giselle Ramirez

Step 1

One of the ways you can succeed in school is always be prepared for school. Always check to see if you have all the supplies you need for the next day. This is important because if you don't have all the supplies you need how are you going to be able to do your work the next day.

Step 2

Study. Studying is one of the most important things to do. Study everyday after school for at least and hour or two. Studying helps because you might forget the things you learned in class and you want to be able to remember what you learned, and even learn more things than you already know.

Step 3

Do all your work/Homework. Make sure to do all your work in order to get good grades. Do all your work because your work is a grade and if you don't do you work that will count as a zero and your grade will go down.

Step 4

Be a good student. Being a good student is also important because if you are not that could also affect your grade sometimes.Pay attention to the teacher, ask questions, do your work, and be pleasant and respectful.