The Blues

by Mr. Mosera


Although many people believe blues music became popular in the 1930s, it is widely believed that blues music was started by slaves in the American South in the early 1800s (Oakley 10). Some even argue that although the blues became popular in the United States, the music can trace its roots to Africa (Davis 5). Blues was made famous by share croppers in the Mississippi Delta who brought the music to Chicago. According to the music historian Daniels, "Blues are of singular historical significance for understanding the American historical experience..." (Daniels 14). Below are some of the pioneers of blues in the United States.

Legacy of the blues

Although the blues have a long and rich history, they also have a tremendous impact on music today. According to Cunningham, blues music evolved into blues-rock which was the foundation for modern rock music (Cunningham 17). Although blues music has evolved many still respect its roots. Even in the Morris County community, a blues and BBQ festival will be held next week (Boonton United Methodist Church). Below are videos of classic and modern blues.
Howlin' Wolf Smokestack Lightning + Lyrics
The Black Keys - Just Got to Be [Official Video]

Why I researched the Blues

I have been a guitar player since I was young. Although I enjoy playing all guitar styles, almost all of them have their roots in blues. As a history teacher I can also appreciate the complex history of the music. Personally, I find the music to be soothing and cathartic. I believe it is a subject I would enjoy researching and learning more about in the future.
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