Peer Pressure

Why Do Kids Deal With Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is one of those things often associated with adolescence. When you think of common issues encountered by all teenagers peer pressure comes up right alongside the usual suspects acne, hormones, first love, and pop music. Peer pressure is often used as the reason or excuse for why ‘good’ kids do stupid things.

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We’ve all heard the statements along the lines of ‘She was a lovely girl but fell in with the wrong crowd’ or ‘He would never do something like that by himself, he is just too easily led by those friends he hangs around with.


Dont Change So People Will Like You Be YOURSELF ..

Positive Pressure

Positive Peer Relationships appear to be good for everyone but what about peer pressure dr.david walsh believers that adolescents are often tightly controlled by the norms of their tremendous amount

BY : Mickeila Twyford