Color Blindness

By: Ryan Goodlet

What is color blindness

Color-blindness is the inability to tell the differences between certain colors. This condition is where up you can't see certain colors like red and blue they look totally different in their eyes.

How does color blindness affect daily life and symptoms

It would affect the persons daily life because they wouldn't be able to see every color and they might need that color for something informant like the color red for stop signs and red lights.

5 symptoms of color blindness are:

  • You can't see all colors
  • Inability to tell the difference between shade of similar colors

  • Trouble seeing brightness of a color
  • You can't see the colors red,blue,green,orange,yellow,and purple

Mutation,chromosome,and name of gene

The X chromosome is where color blindness is located so mainly men get colorblind more then women. The mutation is Inherited color blindness is usually the result of receiving a genetically mutated gene on the X chromosome.

Possible treatments and cures

There are not treatments or cures for color blindness but there are special leases and glasses that may help with color blindness .

Interesting facts

  • If a woman is red-green colorblind, all her sons will be colorblind
  • 8% of men have colorblind
  • 0.5% of women have colorblind
  • If a father have red-green colorblind he can not pass it on 2 his sons