GOT BOOKS? Season 3

Kenosha Unified Middle School Reading Challenge

The Winners are.....

With 3,113 votes cast, the Got Books? Season 3 winners are:

  • 1. Life As We Knew It - 1,350 votes ** This title was suggested by Got Books? Season 2 participants!
  • 2. Rules - 733 votes
  • 3. Dead End in Norvelt - 517 votes

Many copies of each title will be arriving in your school library before Winter Break. You may also find copies at the public library or bookstore.

Although these weren't the winners, a few copies of each of the following books will be ordered for each library too:

  • Amelia Lost: the Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart - 296 votes
  • Bluefish- 126 votes
  • Juggling for the Complete Klutz - 91 votes

What is the Got Books? Challenge

This middle school reading challenge was designed to encourage students (and families) to read the same books and talk about them.

Try it this year! Read any two of these titles and join two Book Discussions (either online or in person). Then, you will be invited to an assembly with a reading juggler in mid-April.

Questions? Stop by your school library and talk with your library media teacher or email Diane Kastelic with any questions.

Teacher Resources Are Available

Would you like additional resources to run book discussion groups in your classroom or on My Big Campus?

Contact your Library Media Specialist for the Participation Guidelines, book discussion guides, and information about the culminating event on April 17 or 18.