Types of mining

by Jordan Qian, William Rhodes

Surface Mining

Surface mining- Including strip mining, open-pit mining and mountaintop removal mining. It's a major category of mining ,which take place on the Earth's surface.

Examples are open pits, surface coal mines, quarries.

Subsurface mining

Subsurface mining involves digging tunnels to subsurface in order to access the subsurface ores. And the ores are processed after they being brought up from the tunnels to the surface.

Examples are subsurface coal mines, ore mines.


What is it&How is it Done?

Fracking is a process that involves drilling into the earth and injects fluid at a high pressure in order to let the shale rock release the natural gas.


Near ground water gets contaminated by methane gas and toxic chemicals that came from the fracking system.

Fact: Methane concentration are 17x higher than that of water in drinking wells near fracturing sites.

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