Emily Alonzo

Should schools be more strict with there bullying rule?

Schools should be more strict about there bullying rules because bullying can lead to: depression, anxiety and low self- confidence but, it can lead to much bigger problems like suicidal thoughts and actions.

Bullying is a serious issue in schools around the word. The people that are targeted for this were reported as, "unpopular", have mental problems such as anxiety, and suffer from depression. By someone picking on people that already have problems the victim will not speak out to adults or other students because they do not want anything to get out of hand even more then it already is.

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Rebecca Write said in her article about bulling; "Nanae started skipping school, and even thought about taking her own life."
"Nanae said she became a target for bullies after she transferred schools for a short time before returning--meaning she was branded as a truant.
When the bullying worsened, she considered suicide, but did not go through with it.
'I thought that actions such as cutting my wrist would cause trouble for my parents, and committing suicide would not solve anything."

If Nanae's first school she attended took care of the bullying situation she was in she wouldn't have had to move schools and keep getting bullied. Because of the of bullying in school she decided to think about suicide, no student or anyone should feel so unsafe that they want to take there own life. If schools were better with there bullying tolerance students wouldn't have to feel this way.

Matt Pearce and Melanie Mason mentioned this in one of their articles: "Two students from separate schools committed suicide within days of each other this month -- which is National Bullying Prevention Month -- and both boys apparently had been bullied. Now, parents are asking questions not just about bullying but about anti-bullying videos, which both schools aired shortly before the incidents." The students in the school that committed suicide shortly after watching an anti-bullying video. The students felt now something has been said to the people that were bullying them, things might have gotten worse. The school did the right thing by showing the anti-bullying video but the teachers didn't make the students feel safe.

Rebecca Catalanello mentioned facts about schools: "For two years in a row, nearly half of the state's 67 school districts reported less than 10 bullying complaints to the state. And some districts that are reporting complaints aren't confident the data provide an accurate picture of what is--or isn't--happening on campus." Rebecca stated clear facts about how many bullying complains were in the state. But the bullying complaints are low... Students do not want to complain about bullying because they feel that the bullying will just get worse. Most schools that report the things they do don't have evidence to give Rebecca. Schools should be more safe with there bullying rules, to make students feel more safe.

Eryn Brown wrote an article about bullying and here's a quote from it: "At the beginning of the school year, 40% of students said they had harassed another classmate; in the second survey in the spring, 33% said they had done so. Higher social status--defined as occupying the hub of a school's social network rather than the periphery--in the fall predicted higher rates of aggression in the spring." The percentage of students saying that they have harassed other students dropped. Maybe its because students aren't happy with the fact that they have done this to other students and they feel insecure. 7% dropped.. but the rest stayed because they know what they have done was wrong and they would pay for what they did. Schools have been taking surveys at the end of the year to decide how they can improve there school. One way they can start is by having better rules against bullying.

The other side

People that bully usually have something going on in there life where they feel they need to make others feel miserable. These people have also been bullied in their past but they feel so much pain that they need to give it to other people.

Some schools aren't strict about bullying rules because they feel it's something that students go through know matter what and they don't want to get involved so the parents cant sue the school if something bad happens.