"The Media"

Our New Reality

What is the "Media"?

You can find just about anything through the media that you can find out in the real world, whether you want to hear about the latest news or keep up with the latest trends, it has you covered. What exactly is the media? I think that the media is basically the world that we all live in but the only difference is that it’s within technology. The media allows us to access and use it for services, pleasure or just pure joy with just a click of a button. Searching for that special-someone? Find it! Sites like eHarmony could help you narrow your search want to do shopping but don’t want to leave home? Do it online! Sites like Amazon or eBay have just about anything, or if you just want to share the moments of your life, there’s a vast amount of sites for that also. The media is constantly expanding, it’s like having the world in palm of your hand but the only difference is that through the media, you can do almost whatever you want; you can be whoever you want and share whatever you want to share. You don’t have to worry about what the world thinks; the world of the media is yours and whoever disagrees, perhaps you could block them #lol.

What is it to be "Media Literate"?

To be “media literate” is the ability to understand it, the ability to predict where it may be in the future and the ability to use the media in your advantage. There are some that refuse to enter the media world, which is fine, but in the future the media will take over and it will become the real world….if it already hasn’t.