Memory Foam Travel Pillow

6 Sleeping Position From 1 Pillow

Stock The Best Selling Travel Pillow Around..

Your customers will thank you for it..

There is no other Travel Pillow out there like this one, a really unique product that will become a big seller in your store.

Choose the position that best works for you!

When we say TOTAL TRAVEL COMFORT…. We mean it!

If Your Customers try this pillow once they will see why 10000 pillows have been sold in Australia already. Thanks to conforming Memory Foam they get a soft, flexible, and adaptable travel pillow and importantly when its not in use it easily rolls up, compact and is easy to store.

  • Conforms to their contours and provides truly personalized support when sleeping
  • More positions that a standard U-Shaped pillow
  • Can adjust with you change comfort positions during travel
  • Rolls-up small for easy transport and storage
  • Plush, removable cover is machine-washable

Important Info
The advantage of this pillow over a basic blow up pillow or standard U-shaped pillow is the ability to roll up the pillow and pack it but also the variety of sleeping shapes you can make from just one pillow, over 6, so no matter how you like to sleep on the plane/train/bus, this one pillow will fit your needs.

There is no other travel pillow in Australia that offers this level of versatility and comfort.

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