Settle In Kansas

Great Cheap Farmland

Claim Your Free Land!

Under the homestead act, if you are over the age of 21 and the head of your household, you can claim up to 160 acres of land, and if you pay a small filing fee of $10 and cultivate your land for five years it becomes yours.
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Buy Cheap Land

If you don't want to abide by the five year cultivation and filing fee listed above, you can also buy the land for $1.25 an acre.

Other Ways To Claim Your Free Land

You can also claim 160 acres of land if you plant a certain amount of trees on that land.
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Why Kansas?

This is a good question, but as my examples above show you have land just waiting for you to claim and start cultivating, there's great soil here and your freedom.

So Come Here To Kansas!

Your Great Farmland And Freedom Is Awaiting You!