5th Grade News

Here's What's happening in 5th Grade @ SAS

Important Dates

Monday, December 8: All-School Winter Choir Concert @ Upper School, 7 pm

Wednesday, December 10: 5th & 6th Grade Percussion Concert @ LS, 7 pm

Sunday, December 14: World Premiere of "Uni-Saders: The Movie" @ DPAC, 5 pm

Sunday, December 14: Advent Evensong Service @ US Chapel, 7 pm

Tuesday, December 16: LS Hanukkah Celebration @ Rollins Library, 3:15 pm

Friday, December 19: Lessons & Carols, early dismissal

Academic Updates

Language Arts:

-We will finish reading A Long Walk to Water early this week. Students will research the etymology for "emancipation" and how the word relates to the Latin root "man," which we will study this week. Students will then practice argument writing to show how the main characters in the story experienced emancipation​ (they will present their argument and then support it with evidence from the text).

-The Unit 2 Vocabulary quizzes showed that students need more practice identifying parts of speech. They will work on identifying parts of speech in short texts and mentor sentences, pulled from books we are reading in class.

-There will also have reading time for students to work on double entry journals in school (to lift some of the load from home). Students should continue to read nightly for 30 minutes, but they are not required to complete the double entry journals at home.


In Math, students will work on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. Students will apply their fraction skills to problems involving algebraic concepts and order of operations.

Social Studies:

Students are continuing to write their informational piece about one aspect of Ancient Egypt. Citing sources, digging for information, paraphrasing, and organizing information have all been part of this integrated unit. Students are becoming experts on their subjects and the final papers are sure to be both interesting and informative!


Students are studying streams and rivers, including how rivers begin, factors that affect runoff, river systems, and how rivers shape the land. They will also learn the "profile of a river" and about floods and how to control them.


With the Latin Banquet now behind us, 5th Graders will begin studying Latin words for numbers - cardinal and ordinal - and, of course, Roman numerals. In addition, we will learn some holiday songs translated into Latin. During the couple of days before our next break, the classes will go caroling around the school. Don't be surprised if your student starts singing along to beloved holiday tunes, but in a different language!


In Spanish this week, students are presenting their skits. It has been a lot of fun watching them memorize their scripts and create motions to their vocabulary words. We will begin our first major grammar unit next week. Students will be introduced to regular -ar verbs and will be playing various games to learn how to conjugate these verbs. Looking forward to an exciting three weeks!

Language Arts "Useless Gift" Exchange

Students will need to bring a "useless" wrapped gift to Language Arts class by Monday, December 17th, for a "useless gift" exchange. Students will then practice writing friendly letters by writing a thank you note explaining how they plan to use the "useless gift" and showing their gratitude. Please do not spend money on gifts. Students can find things around the house (or the yard) -- let them be creative, but please limit your child to something that can easily carry in one hand.
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SAS World Music Percussion Presents...

Over Thanksgiving, Fifth Graders in world music percussion were working industriously on a project to create their own musical instruments. We now have a wonderful collection of rainsticks, maracas, pan pipes, cutlery wind chimes, a tennis racket, and cigar box guitar, and much more. Yesterday and today we recorded a little piece music with these instruments, and from tomorrow onwards they will be on display in the library.

"Christmas Around the World"

featuring our talented 5th and 6th grade students!
Wednesday, December 10th, 7 pm

LS Small Gym
Please contact Darrel Mayers or Eric McFrazier for more information.