Life on the Manor

By: Emma Cundiff

About their life

On the manor the serfs, lords/ladies, knights, nobble, and the king all lived on the land. On the land they live on they have a church, a mill, serf houses, the manor house, a castle, and acres of lands. The king would give land to the lords and the lords would let the knights live there if they protect the people. The serfs or peasants would work on the land my farming and harvesting crops.


The church was the main focus of the community life. The priest was obligated to keep money for alms, keep up the church, and provide help to travelers. Churches began to be built in Roman styles. The Catholic church was the only one until they started building more. The churches didn't have chairs or pews and the people there had to write books or documents by hand. What they did on the manor they recorded it all down.

Medieval homes

The homes were cold, damp, and dark. They had small windows and wooden shutters to let the people on the inside could look out and the people and outside couldn't get in. Peasants spent a lot of time with other families and the houses rarely had two or more rooms.

Serfs house

When a serf died the lord would take there stuff and the widow and children would have to go survive on their own. When the surfs got sick the church would take care of them but nobody else would. The animals would be in a different part of the house. The serfs wouldn't live till past the age of 45 and they could not marry without the lord of the manor's permission.


The serfs or peasants would use a wheeled plow and it made it easier for farmers to work the ground. The land was divided in strips to each serf or peasant. Once the crops were harvested the land would be for cattle grazing.


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