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Second Graders Shine Bright

A Message From Mrs. Lloyd

It's amazing to me that the first third of the school year is now complete. I'm looking forward to meeting with all of you at Parent/Teacher Conferences over the next week. It's exciting to see the progress they have made over the last 50+ days of school.

Journey's Jargon-Lesson 8


Main Idea, detail, detail, and detail is what we looked at this past cycle. We learned that readers can figure out the main idea of the selection by looking for details. A Mystery Bag was used to show how details help them figure our the main idea. Ask your child what was in the mystery bag. It was great way to introduce this skill. We also read, The Night I Followed My Dog, to explore this strategy. It was a very silly book and the class really enjoyed it.


We added VERBS to our repertoire this cycle. It was actually a review from First Grade. They have a song we learned from YouTube; you can ask them to sing it to you!


Our word study moved forward and we looked at diagraphs. Thank you for continuing to help your child study and practice their weekly words.

You can find Lesson 8 Home Letter HERE.

The Parent Pipelines can be found HERE.

Math Moments

We finished up Unit 3 learning how to MAKE CHANGE. We will continue to practice this skill because it was difficult for many. As a class, we've discussed how math in pervious years has been quick, simple, and one step problems. Making change was the first of many multi-step problems they will be encountering this year. It's important they understand that math isn't always quick. It might take several steps to arrive at an answer.

We began Unit 4 late last week with a review of Change-to-More and Part Part Total Number Stories. We reviewed the diagrams they saw last year. In the coming weeks, we will learn many new concepts. We will most likely slow the Unit down to make sure everyone understands these new items. If you have any questions please let me know.

Did you hear about our Kahoot game? It was loads of fun. The entire class was engaged while we reviewed Unit 3. It was an an exciting way to practice math.

Writer's at Work

The Lab Report unit is going very well. The class is throughly enjoying this very different kind of writing. We have completed four different experiments and written a lab report for each of them. The children have been working in pairs to create an experiment with given materials. They, then, use their results to create a new experiment. We have been talking about force, motion, friction, and so many more scientific words. The lab reports are always changing as they learn how to make them more detailed. Their writing has grown so much since the first report.

The video below is an example of partners working together that tests their experiment and hypothesis. The password is tatem.

Stellar Scientist

We began our Balancing and Weighing unit last week. We started discussing and exploring balancing. We talked about what it means to balance themselves, things, and how we can do it. We explored balancing a paper butterfly with a pencil and a paper clip. We discovered that the weight has to the same on both sides to make it balance. Our second lesson led us to using a beam, unifix cubes and fulcrum. The class session was full of exploring all the ways they could make the materials balance.

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  • 12/9-Report Card Available
  • 12/10-Early Dismissal-12:30-Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 12/12-Schools Closed-Parent/Teacher Conferences
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