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January 4th, 2023

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SAG January 4th, 2023


We are in need of volunteers for the students acadience reading testing. Volunteers will either be escorting the kids to their testing or watching over the classroom while teachers are doing the testing. Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Good Bye Sand Springs

I just thought I would let our awesome SS Parents know that I have accepted a new position at the district offices in HR , I will be leaving Sand Springs, my last day will be this Friday, I just didn't want to just disappear without saying goodbye, I have LOVED working here at SS and will miss you all dearly, thankyou for welcoming me and becoming my friends, this has been a wonderful job with a wonderful community,

Warmly, Traci Manfull

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Resilient kids are problem solvers. They have the confidence that they can figure things out and handle what is thrown at them. This doesn’t mean they have to do it on their own – resilient kids know how to ask for help, but shouldn’t expect others to fix things for them. Practice problem solving with your children by encouraging them to define problems, brainstorm possible solutions, and try the solution they think will work best. Remember that it can be helpful to let your children struggle before you step in. Consider waiting for them to ask for help even when you can see there is a problem. With guidance and skill-building opportunities, all children can be successful!

Claire Caldwell

School Counselor

Sand Springs Elementary School

801-402-3857 –

Mrs. Caldwell's Canvas Page

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Message from our school Librarian:

Repetition in books is valuable. If I began the phrase, “Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m......” Most of you said in your mind, “the gingerbread man”. In Eric Carl’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar we read, “On Monday he ate through... On Tuesday he ate through... On Wednesday he ate through...” Goldilocks and the Three Bears goes through too hot, too cold, just right and too hard too soft, just right. Did you know that repetition in books is not only a lot of fun for kids to repeat but it also helps emergent readers learn to read. Repetition makes reading a memory game. It brings beginning readers into the story by helping them “read” words that are above their level. It increases their confidence with books. If you don’t have a repetitive book, you can read a favorite story over and over again until it becomes repetitive. Once a story is familiar, you can try to fill in the wrong words and let your young reader correct your reading. Have fun reading!

Michelle Brady <>

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Please read our school security procedure below.

*Please remember, NO ONE will enter our building without a photo ID (NO Exceptions) Please check in on the iPad and put on a visitor/volunteer sticker.

*ONLY those listed on your emergency contacts are allowed to check out your student.

*Emergency Contact MUST BE 18

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  • Log on to your MyDSD account
  • Click on the payments tab at the top
  • Click pay for fees/lunch
  • Then click on Optional fees
  • You will see the selection to but a year book
  • Check out
We will be selling yearbooks until Friday May 19th 2023 on your MyDSD account.

After May 19th they will no longer be on MyDSD for purchase.

If there are any left after May 19th 2023, I will let you know so that you can come in that last week of school to purchase.

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Jan. 4th

VEX 3:30 pm


Hope Squad Meeting 8am

Jan. 6th

Orchestra 7:45 am

Jan 9th

PTA Meeting 2:15 pm

VEX 3:30 pm

Jan 10th

Orchestra 8:45

Jan 12th

EARLY OUT 1:25 pm (extra)

Jan 13th

Orchestra 7:45 am

Jan 16th

NO SCHOOL (Martin Luther King)

Jan 17th

NO SCHOOL (Professional Day)

Jan 18th

VEX 3:30 pm

Jan 27th

Orchestra 7:45 am

Jan 28th

VEX Tournament

Jan 30th

VEX 3:30 pm

Jan 31st

Orchestra 8:45 am