Team Shine Bright - March 2018 news

March Team Meeting - tomorrow

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Spring into March

Take a look at the March Madness incentives below for more reasons why it's worth reaching out to potential hostesses to book Style Sessions.

1) Warm them up with a text, email, or Fb message.

2) Lead with style - send them a photo of a new Spring accessory you think they'd love.

3) Reach out with a phone call and ask if they'd like to pencil in a Girl's night of fizz and fashion. Our Style sessions are free, super informal, and it's as easy as a girl's night in...we just come along and add the sparkle :-)

'Work Hard Aprés Hard'

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'Work Hard Aprés Hard' is the theme of our belated Christmas bash! Trust me it's worth the wait! Thurs 29 March (Easter Weekend so no school run on Friday). We are hitting the slopes for the Bank Holiday with an aprés-ski inspired party.

Dress code: think of your favourite mountain escape; just like Courchevel and Val d'Isere.

2 for 1 cocktails and drinks at Menagerie, One New Bailey, M3 5EN Manchester.

See you there from 6pm for the Grand Piste until we ski home! RSVP here to the Alpine party

Egg-stra reasons to book Style Sessions

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Remind mums they deserve some sparkle

Don't forget to share our Mother's Day boutique with customers - 35% of some great gifts via your online shop.
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Have you shared the businesss opportunity?

It's as easy as telling your friends (and strangers)

PAY £169

Choose £300 worth of product + business kit

(£300 worth of jewels and accessories is the perfect amount to wear and share online and on the go!)

YOUR BUSINESS KIT includes Style Session tools like neck forms, Look Books and other print materials, A Getting Started Guide and workbooks to help you launch your business right away.

Building a team = more enjoyment for you and your new recruit and more earnings too.

Here are some real life reasons as to why Stylists have joined us...

Welcome to our new Stella & Dot Stylists

Hoopla 2018

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Did you know that you can earn a place at our Annual Stella and Dot Style conference in London for FREE?


Qualify by selling 1,000 PQV 4 out of 5 months


5,000 PQV in total


Promote to Associate Stylist in your Jumpstart**

For the newbies... Once a year, we have our Annual Stella & Dot training conference - it's called Hoopla. It's a must-attend training event and usually attended by Jessica Herrin - the Founder of Stella & Dot - and our Chief Designer Blythe Harris. Here is a link to tickets and info Hoopla Annual Training 2018

March Marketing Materials

Customer treats for March. Don't forget to print out your Style Session exclusive offers and show them to your customers- so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over! ! These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on Stellaverse - and then click on marketing materials (items sell out fast so be sure to update on the night) xxx
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Congratulations to all those who held Style Sessions last month

Emma Hall, Carol Paxman-Hughes, Jane Buckle, Jemma Hill, Nicola Syred, Ann Bailey. Sophie Tootell, Amanda Smart, Dawn Turpie, Alice Capper, Jenny Hutchinson, Hayley McDonnell, Stephanie Smith, Frances Nesarajah.

Top in sales - February


1) Laura Lovell 1,228.92

2) Jane Buckle 967.20

3) Jenny Hutchinson 865.49

4) Emma Hall 710.54

5) Carol Paxman-Hughes 495.14

6) Nicola Syred 448.75

7) Ann Bailey 366.00

8) Stephanie Smith 308.14

9) Laura Rose-Troup 244.16

10) Jemma Hill 237.00

Top in new qualified Stylists in February

Carrie-ann Stevens
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2018 1st Time Promotion Bonuses











With 500 QV sales cumulative prior season (3 months)

Can also be earned within the Quarter

(New stylists enjoy 50% off their first 30 days in business)


£/€100 Consistency Bonus (sell 500 QV 3 consecutive months)

£/€100 Stellar Seller Coupon (5000 QV in one month)

Business Supply Credit, 2% of sales any month you qualify (500 PQV).

Qualify (500 PQV) any 3 months in a row

– £100/€100 Product Credit Consistency Bonus

When you sell 500 PQV 3 months in a row, you will be credited at the start of the following month with £100/€100 Product Credit. For example:

Sarah sells 500 PQV in December, January and February. At the beginning of March, her account will be loaded with £100/€100 Product Credit. March will then count as month 1 of her next 3 month cycle. If she does not qualify in March, April will be the 1st month, and so on.


Earn the £100 (€100) Builder Bonus when you directly sponsor a new Stylist who hits Associate Stylist Pay Rank+ in her first 12 months.

You will earn the bonus every month that she hits Pay Rank in her first 12 months

However, you must hit Pay Rank of Associate Stylist+ in the same month that your new Stylist does to earn your Builder Bonus.

New for January 2018: Earn the £100 (€100) Builder Bonus in the first month that they promote.

New for January 2018: Upgrade your Builder Bonus! If your new Stylist hits Star Stylist in her first 12 months, increase your Builder Bonus to a one-time bonus of £400 (€450)

You must hold the Pay Rank of Star Stylist+ in the same month that your new Stylist hits Star Stylist for the first time to earn the increased bonus. If you hold Associate or Senior Stylist Pay Rank, you will earn the £100 (€100) Builder Bonus. If you hold Stylist or Lead Stylist Pay Rank, you will not earn a Builder Bonus.

Once she has hit Star Stylist Pay Rank for the first time, you will continue to earn the £100 (€100) Builder Bonus in her first 12 months, as long as both you and she are hitting Associate Stylist+ Pay Rank.

They will be paid with your month end pay check.

Mhari Oakes

There are so many great reasons to book Style Sessions in March and 'sell on the go' - think Mothers Day, St Patrick's Day (the luck of the Stylish!), Egg-stra Fashion for Easter and International Women's Day this Thursday.

Here are my contact details - please do give me a call or pop me a message any time xxxx