School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Workshop Meeting

2019-20 Proposed General Fund Budget Presentation

John Vignone reviewed the proposed budget for next school year.

This press release recapped the highlights.

Student Recognition

The Parkland High School STEP Team won 2nd Place at the State Championship. They were recognized along with their advisor, Jodi Ferrio.

Paola Muniz - captain

Yacenia Glover - captain

Alyssa Gonzalez - captain

Nate Carrasco

Lisha Brito

Lusha Goyzueta

Jonedy Jiminez

Carmen Fraderas

Julainy Peralta

Joanna Lubin

Lauren Hall

Kayla Bravo

Prathysha Kothare

Kiera Colon

Abby Graham

Gracie Fisher

Jadah Lubin

Mya Burgos

Faith Marube

Jeanne Boateng

Kimora Rodriguez

Kevalin Kalra was honored for winning a National Scholastic Award along with his art teacher, Richard Shemonsky.

Regular Meeting

LCTI Report

LCCC Report

Marie Maritch and Lisa Roth objected to cyber charter school payments.


Hope everyone got out to vote today!

If you were at the Arts Festival, you saw the yellow MG that the Foundation is raffling off. We sold $2,000 worth of tickets on Saturday, the first day it was on sale!

Thanks to everyone for all their work on the budget.

The Festival of the Arts was a fantastic event and Saturday's weather was outstanding! There was a great turnout. Last night was the academic awards at PHS and it was great to see so many students performing at such a high level and to hear about what their plans are after high school.

Next Meeting is Tuesday, May 21, 2019, at 7 PM Workshop, 8 PM Meeting.