Common Core

An Interview of a 2nd Grade Teacher

Common Core Takes Over Maryland...

This interview breakdown the highs and lows of the new curriculum sweeping the country. Maryland is in the transition of adopting the Common Core and our team investigated how elementary teachers are responding!

So...What does she think?!


Interviewer: Do you find Common Core challenging?

Teacher: Yes! It is challenging.

Interviewer: What do you find challenging?

Teacher: We adopted the curriculum and everything happened all at once! Teachers had so many questions without answers and no one to turn to. It went school wide AND state wide. They expected us to implement problem solving tactics without any experience. Resources were a huge challenge because they did not provide us with what we needed to teach the material expected. There were no texts that fit the themes or readability of the students.

Interviewer: How was your administration handling the situation?

Teacher: They were wonderful. Administration was great and very supportive. They did their best. Along with this the inclusion and the involvement of the parents was tough. Parents did not understand the changes and we had little answers or explanations to give them. Administration and teachers worked as a team.

Interviewer: What type of professional development prepared you for these changes or during these changes?

Teacher: There was a county wide professional development that spanned across two days. There were choices of between two sessions. The options included technology and performance matters, score database and how to engage struggling writers. Planning time was allotted.

Interviewer: What is the biggest change you see within your teaching?

Teacher: I find that now they expect us to do our teaching backwards. Lessons are now beginning with self discovery and then moving into a formal explanation. I know have to conciously let my students explore the topic before explicitly teaching them the new content.