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This weagle is a combination between a wolf and a eagle. This incredible animal can live wherever his\her parents can live. This animal was introduced to the world in 1999. This animal has the wings of an eagle and body like a wolf.This animal will help you sniff out people that might be in trouble. It can also help a man that might be drowning in the water. This animal sniffs like a wolf and soars like and eagle. Great for rescues and stuff like that.

Information about parents,

One of the parents of this weagle is a wolf. This animal is found in north America ,Europe , Asia, and some parts of Africa. Wolves are helpful to environment. They are helpful to the environment because they keep the herbivore population down. it can also help the police find criminals and sniff out people that might be in danger. The bad thing about the wolf is that it wighs a lot. The other parent is the eagle. This magnificent animal is really helpful because it can see from very far away and is an expert on catching thing that are flowing in the water. The bad thing is that these animals are going extinct all around the world or getting killed by hunters for their feathers.