News from the Superintendent

January, 2020

Parent Tech Night

The Vernon School District is proud to announce our first Parent Tech Night. Our children are spending more and more time on line, whether it is on a gaming system, tablet, phone, or computer. It is sometimes challenging to navigate new technology which changes often. In addition, the frustration we feel as parents is real. How much time is too much time? Do my children really need to do their homework "on line"? How can I create boundaries that work for my children and I?

Parent Tech Night is a unique learning opportunity where we can learn from technology professionals who can assist us with technology challenges. The topics covered at the event will be cyber bullying, digital filtering and managing cell phone use, to name a few. There will also be resources shared for parents. Join educators and featured guests for a night of important information about on line safety for our children.

This event is for any parent of a child with a cell phone however it is for adults only. If parents are struggling with childcare for a child in K-5th grade, there will be supervised activities where children in grades K-5 can be engaged while parents attend important sessions. If you'll be taking advantage of child care, you may drop off your child at 6:50 p.m. All activities are held at Vernon Township High School. We hope to see you then!

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Goal Setting in the New Year - Focus on Academics

The start of a New Year is a great time to set goals but setting goals with children can be a challenge. Below, find an article which outlines some helpful strategies if goal-setting is on your list for 2020.

In addition, it's a great time to focus on academic success. One of the most important things students can do is to apply themselves in a content area which interests them. Here are a few helpful strategies for parents to establish good practices for completing homework or to maximize study time.

  • Try to find a regular location to study. This can be the kitchen table or a spot in a child's bedroom. The most important thing to do is to minimize distractions. If music is used in the background, consider a lower volume level. As content gets more difficult, students may need to reduce distractions.
  • Set an appropriate amount of time for homework or studies. Students should consider the amount of work they need to do for a subject area, then allocate an appropriate time for each given subject.
  • Set timers. While cell phones and tablets can be a distraction, they can also help a student stay on task. Students can set a timer to spend a certain amount of time on a given subject.
  • Don't forget to read! Regular reading improves cognitive function. There are some wonderful books and other content available for children of all ages.
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Vernon Hockey on Top Again

Vernon Vikings High School Hockey does it again and again and again and again. Congratulations to our High School Hockey team who, on December 31, 2019 defeated Sparta/Jefferson. Junior Ayden Steinbach scored the game-winning goal in overtime to win the Sussex Cup title. This makes four years in a row. Congratulations, athletes!