Ethan Schultz Photography

Rocking this neighborhood since '01

Hello neighbors! My name is Ethan Schultz and I have lived in the neighborhood all of my life. Currently I am 14 and trying to save up for a Nikon camera and a waterproof housing. This is because I am an ocean photographer that enjoys taking pictures of waves, as well as other aspects of nature. Unfortunatley neither of these things are what you would call cheap, and my parents are making me pay for it. I understand where they are coming from but it doesn't mean that I have to like it!!!! In order to save up for these two novelties I am starting my own photography business……

—- Photos from my gallery (just call 714- 316- 4389 to view)

4x4 = $2.00

5x7 = $5.00

8x8 (Square) = $10.00

8x10 = 10.00

11x14 = 14.00

12x18 = 20.00

16x20 = 25.00

20x30 = 35.00

—- I will also be taking portraits of family, pets, individuals, or even of cars (yes I’m that desperate!)

-These photos will start at 15.00 (Plus tip if you feel inclined)

  • This is a much lower rate compared to most portrait photographers, they can charge from anywhere from 100 dollars per picture to over a thousand dollars per hour.

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